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Free Parent Training:

5 Steps to Raise Challenging Kids to Be Happy, Respectful, and Successful

Without Breaking Their Spirits
& Without Losing Your Mind

In this training you'll learn:

  • A proven system to stop yelling
  • How to get more cooperation
  • How to be a coach to your kids - not a cop
  • How to stop blaming, threatening, and repeating yourself
  • My technique to calm down in heated moments
  • How to respond instead of having reactions to your kids you later regret
  • The "secret sauce" to stop the melt-downs
Plus how to:
  • Peacefully discipline your kids.
  • Be the parent you deeply long to be.
  • Have the happy family life you crave and deserve.
  • Feel confident you're raising your children to be the best they can be.
  • Get your own life back, get on the same page as your partner, and enjoy your kids again.

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Hi, I'm Laine Lipsky.


Imperfect parent of two imperfect kids. Master Teacher, multi-certified parenting educator, and coach.


I don't do "woo-woo" and I don't judge. I just teach the best, respectful, and oh-so practical parenting practices to get the result you want: a happy home.


Don't mess around with parenting; it's too important. It's time to get the skills you need to be the parent you want to be. We get one shot at parenthood and our kids get one shot at childhood.


It's time to level-up.

Parent Success Stories:

"Now when I have a difficult time with my son, I use Laine's method and BAM! meltdowns are prevented!" - Carrie

"Laine's guidance, sensitivity, and humor helped light the path to more peaceful parenting in our family." - Wendy

"Laine encourages me to dig deeper so I can have more fun and grow while I raise my boys into kind and conscious young men. Working with Laine has empowered me to develop my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing." - Alexandra

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Overwhelm and isolation can make parenting really painful.

Let's change that, starting NOW.


You Want ToStop yelling; Handle tantrums; End sibling rivalry; Discipline peacefully; 
Understand your child; Find your parenting voice. (I totally get it.)

It's a game-changer to have a skilled coach help you get clear on what’s happening in your family – 
to clarify what isn’t working and the necessary steps to create results.

That’s what I do every day for motivated parents just like you. There is seriously nothing to lose. Let's go.


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